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Radon Testing

What is Radon?

It is a radioactive gas usually found in any type of shelter, place, or structure which leads to lung cancer. In several countries, the high risks of radon is a big issue as if you breathe air containing radon, then there are high chances of developing lung cancer. Radon is naturally found in the earth. It has no color and odor. Emission of radon gas occurs when elements like uranium and radium break down in the rock and soil beneath your place.

After smoking, radon is considered as the second leading cause of lung cancer. And that’s why the experts of Safe Shelter Environmental guide you to go with the radon testing services for your home to get a safe and healthy living environment.

Need of Radon Test

Radon dissipates very quickly in an open or outdoor area while in the sealed apartments or home, radon gets trapped and creates an unsafe level for breathing.

Hence, you need to conduct radon testing services if you reside in such a place to get out of the risk of radon gas.

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), it is also recommended to check the level of radon in your home for safety especially if you are nearby or in an  elevated risk area.

Radon Testing Services

The first step is to take care of the health and safety of you and your loved ones by testing your home for radon. At Safe Shelter Environmental, our experts use modern equipment and radon monitoring technology to deliver a report with our findings, that show radon levels as recorded over a 48-hour sampling period.

Imagine jeopardizing your health just by living in your own home. The deadly gas radon might be doing just that. Radon is a radioactive gas, but it is colorless & odorless so the only way you should know if you are at risk with radon testing.

Short-Term Radon Testing

The best practice is to monitor radon, not just get a snapshot of current levels. Short-term radon test is an excellent tool for getting a quick understanding of radon levels in your home right now. But they should be paired with a long-term testing approach to be certain you are safe year-round.

Many radon tests are conducted only because they’re required by real estate laws as part of a home inspection. Before you buy a house, the needs to pass an inspection and radon testing is part of that process. But it’s not a big part, and some people never conduct any further radon testing. That’s not the best idea. A short-term radon test might show the house to be nearly radon-free, but it does not tell you anything about how much radon is present at different times of the year. When a short-term radon test is conducted for a home inspection it is at minimum a 48-hour test. This means the results of your test are a snapshot of the radon in your home over that 48 hour time period. A snapshot of radon levels is not enough, though, because radon levels change constantly.

Since radon levels fluctuate over time, long term testing allows you to monitor changes to ensure you are safe all year round.
Radon levels are not constant over time. Radon levels rise and fall with the seasons, with changes in your home’s ventilation, or changes in the ground around your home. Winter tends to be a high time for radon levels, and summer tends to be a low time. This graph shows how radon levels can change over time.

Why Long-Term Radon Tests are Necessary

Conducting a short-term radon test is great for understanding radon levels in your home right now. That way, you can take action if your radon levels are high and rest easy if they are low. However, only by monitoring radon levels over the long term can you be sure you are safe from the effects of radon.

A long-term radon monitor is like a smoke detector, constantly tuned into the environment you’re living in so you don’t have to be concerned. This is especially important for avoiding radon-related health issues because you can’t see or smell radon. Unlike a natural gas leak, you would not be able to smell it. A long-term radon monitor will be able to “smell” it, though, and it will tell you when radon is present in dangerous amounts.

In addition to the fact that you can’t see or smell radon, you can’t feel its negative effects until it’s too late. Even non-smoking people can get Stage IV lung cancer because of it. This actually happens to far more people than it should, and radon is to blame.

This is precisely why you need to be proactive to keep yourself and your family safe. Consider a long-term radon test as a form of life insurance… by putting effort towards detecting radon today you could be adding years to your life and the lives of your loved ones.

The EPA recommends checking radon levels at least every two years as radon flow can increase over a timescale longer than one calendar year. Just as radon levels fluctuate month to month, they also fluctuate as years pass. Your home may have had acceptable levels of radon for the past year, but that could change, and having an active long-term radon testing unit would alert you to any such change.

Radon is a silent and stealthy killer. It takes years to have an effect, which usually manifests in the form of cancer (EPA). The only way to know for sure if your home is clear of radon gas is to test over time. Long-term radon monitors are an inexpensive and effective way to ensure the safety of your home- There is no reason not to get one.

Scheduling of Radon Test

In case you are planning to buy a new home or scheduling radon testing for your home then make sure you will be well-known with the actual fact and importance of radon testing.

 We at Safe Shelter Environmental, proceed with the process of radon test by following these simple steps:

  1. Start with the test drop-off.
  2. Place the radon testing unit in that area of the home which is lowest livable.
  3. Next one is to initiate the testing process digitally  for approx 48 hours.
  4. After the completion of the test, your report is mailed to you and your home inspector.
  5. And finally, the radon testing unit is collected by your home inspector.

For the most accurate or complete measure of radon you can trust the services of Safe Shelter Environmental as we have professionals who ensure to provide you with the best radon testing services in pennsylvania.

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