Sump pumps

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Sump Pumps

Sump pumps are pumps that automatically turn on and pump water out of your basement in case of a flood. They’re located inside of pits, called sump pits, which enable the sump pumps to pump out water before the water level reaches basement-floor-level. The end result is that the water-level in your basement never rises to the level of your basement floor.


It’s important to ensure that sump pumps are kept up-to-date to ensure that, when flooding occurs, the sump pumps self-activate and are effective at pumping water out of the sump pit and into the storm drain, well, or pond. Outdated sump pumps may fail to keep your basement dry, and you may not know you need a new one until it’s too late. Safe Shelter’s expert team has been installing sump pumps since 1986, so contact us today.

Installations & Replacements

Need a sump pump well / sump pump installed or replaced? No problem. Our expert team has been installing sump pumps since 1986 as part of our indoor environmental and basement services.

Sump pumps last on average 7-10 years. We always recommend that our clients replace outdated pumps to protect their basements (and valuables) before it’s too late!

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