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mold, bacteria, dust mites, and allergens in the crawl space

While not always obvious, the condition of your crawl space has a significant impact on the interior living space of your home.  As warm air rises and leaves the upper levels of your home, in a phenomenon known as the “stack effect”, a vacuum is created below, and air is pulled upwards through the basement, crawl space, and lower levels of the home. 

The “stack effect,” can result in mold, bacteria, dust mites and allergens entering your home. Mold spores can then spread to other areas of the home, like the kitchen and bathroom, where they can multiply.

Negative Effects of the Stack Effect

The stack effect can make it difficult to regulate the temperature of your house, increasing energy bill prices and causing damage to the house over time. Moreover, the pernicious effects of the stack effect aren’t limited to your wallet. According to the CDC, mold can cause fungal infections, especially in those with compromised immune systems or lung problems. Mold can also cause symptoms such as sneezing; coughing; runny nose; Itchy eyes, nose and throat; watery eyes, and dry skin in those with mold allergies.

Crawl space Encapsulation And Ventilation

Encapsulation and ventilation will control moisture and reduce mold, bacteria, dust mites, and allergens from entering your home through your crawl space.  To accomplish this, our team will:

  • Encapsulate the crawl space with thick vapor barrier to seal-off entry of moisture, dirt, organic material, microbes, vapors, and soil gases (including radon), bacteria, mold spores, and pests.
  • Ventilate beneath the vapor barrier to evacuate pathogens, soil gases, vapors, and dry the encapsulated area.
  • Install an appropriately sized dehumidifier to condition space at or below 50% relative humidity.
  • Install a sump crock and appropriately sized sump pump to discharge any potential water intrusion.

How long does it take to encapsulate a crawl space?

Our team can install most systems in 2 days.



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