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We understand that an agent’s time is valuable

Safe Shelter Environmental will work quickly to get you the real estate radon test and the results as soon as possible. We have Supra keys for easy access into vacant homes, making Mitigation Services for Real Estate painless for agents. If a radon problem is found, competitively priced reduction systems can be scheduled within a week.

Radon Tests are deployed as soon as possible.

We know real estate transactions work on a schedule and will do everything we can to work within that time frame.

Supra Key Access.

You don’t need to let us into vacant homes…saving you time and hassle.

Quality Matters.

Safe Shelter Environmental uses only the highest-rated certified equipment – either duplicate electret tests or continuous radon monitors.

Experienced Professionals.

Our certified employees with whom you will be working in the radon business for over 35 years and have tested or installed systems in several thousand homes. We are also fully licensed and insured. We also offer mitigation services for Real Estate transactions.

Professional Mitigation Services.

If a home is found to have high radon levels, installation for a radon removal system can be scheduled within 1 week. Our systems are competitively priced, use the highest quality parts, and come with a 5 year warranty.

Maintain your client’s budget.

Radon removal systems from Safe Shelter Environmental are competitively priced. We will match or beat any competing offer!

We follow the entire AARST/NRPP testing rules.

That means homes must keep closed-house conditions, meaning all windows must be shut (on all levels of home) at least 12 hours before test start and during the entire 46+ hour test. Outside doors may be used, but must be left closed when not in use. When these conditions are not met, the radon test is not valid.

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