Basement Waterproofing

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Basement Waterproofing Services

At a Safe Shelter Environmental, we have experts to help in protecting your basement with the best waterproofing solutions. We efficiently work towards the problem of damp spots and holes in the basement area along with the wide range of leakage problems found in the basement section of your place.

For all types of Basement Waterproofing Services, you can select us as we always believe in offering the right, reliable, and long run solutions to our customers.

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Persistent dampness and microbial growth on interior surfaces and in building structures should be avoided or minimized, as they may lead to adverse health effects.

Types of Basement Waterproofing Services

For the various types of basement services you can trust us as we have professionals or basement waterproofing contractors to provide you with the correct method of  waterproofing services as per the area and desire of the customers. Have a look at the following waterproofing services:

Basement Waterproofing: To prevent water from penetrating the basement section of your home, we implement the techniques for basement waterproofing services. In this, the application of sealant materials, installation of drains and sumps is done.

Cracked Walls: In the basement area, we usually notice more cracked walls that are horizontal, vertical, diagonal, or stair-stepped due to severe pressure. And for the filling of cracks, we have the best tools and techniques at Safe Shelter Environmental for you.

Peeling Paint: Along the basement walls, a common issue of peeling paint needs to be done to stop the water seeping through walls. And this part is included in the basement waterproofing services.

Exterior Waterproofing: For the waterproofing of the exterior structure, you  need basement waterproofing contractors or experts. To prevent the structural damage, a well-recognized company with the best possible waterproofing techniques is able to correctly complete the task of exterior waterproofing. In this case, the procedure of correcting starts with excavating the bottom footings and after this the walls are power washed and allowed to dry completely.

And then, the dry walls are properly sealed with waterproofing membrane.

Basement Waterproofing Contractors

As the leading radon mitigation experts over the years, our experts have learned first-hand about the impact a wet and damp basement can have on the air quality of your home. In fact, an often overlooked byproduct of our active sub-slab depressurization (ventilation) systems is a significant reduction in moisture as air is exhausted from beneath the basement floor to the exterior of the home.

Moreover, there is a synergistic relationship between active sub-slab ventilation (radon systems) and waterproofing systems.  We often use french drains as critical components of our mitigation systems to enhance pressure field extension and ensure good airflow throughout the entire affected basement area.  The benefit of this is two-fold:

(1) indoor radon levels are reduced and
(2) the damp french drain and area beneath the slab are dried-out and vented to the exterior of the home, resulting in an immediate improvement in indoor air quality.

Last not least, we stand at this top-notch place because of the customer satisfaction services we are offering from the years at affordable prices.Therefore, if you are searching for the reliable, valuable, and satisfactory waterproofing services then call us anytime.

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