Sewer Line Repair Services

Safe Shelter Environmental is a fully licensed and insured company with decades of experience in plumbing services. Our team is proficient in providing sewer line repair services all over the Southeastern Pennsylvania area. Call us today for any services related to plumbing. We are always ready to help you with the best possible ways.

Common issues related to sewer line

It’s very clear about the sewer lines that they can burst, damage, fail or degrade over time although the reasons can vary. Many times, temperature fluctuations, mineral deposits buildup, heavy water pressure, soil shifting process due to natural climatic reasons or construction work, etc are some of those reasons due to which your sewer line gets affected.

Safe Shelter Environmental is a reputed company that offers a wide range of sewer services using the best tools & techniques along with the precautionary steps for the safety of property and lives.

Meanwhile, to avoid further risks or damage, our professionals are quick enough to inspect the issue and then correct it properly as soon as possible.

We are well-known for offering the following sewer plumbing repairs in Southeastern Pennsylvania. Have a look:

Broken Pipes:

Pipes get cracked, punctured or collapsed by shifting soil, frozen ground, temperature fluctuations, etc. Our experts visit the sewer line area to understand the exact reason behind the issue you are facing and then take the best possible way to correct it.

Sewer Blockages:

To clean out the sewer line thoroughly you can call us as our technicians are trained enough to remove buildup grease and any foreign object from it.


In a short duration of time, we are expert in replacing the corroded pipes that restrict the flow of water.

Leaking Joints:

For any kind of leakage issues, we inspect the leaking joints and take preventive measures to immediately stop water from escaping through a sewer line.

Tree Roots:

Usually the tree or shrub roots have invaded the sewer line due to which the clog issues occurred. Hence, to prevent the sewer line from this issue you can call our experts for sewer cleaning services. Make sure you hire the professionals at least once in a year to clean out the sewer line properly.

For any residential sewer line repair services, Safe Shelter Environmental plumbers are available 24/7 to help you. We assure you to provide you with quality services at an affordable price. Our priority is your satisfaction and hence to deliver the best we are always ready.

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How Much Does It Cost To Repair A Main Sewer Line?

The cost of repairing a main sewer line can vary a lot depending on what the exact problem is, if new parts are needed, and how many hours it will require for the repair. But you can count on Lowry Services to come out to your house and give you a competitive quote from a licensed professional today.

What Are The Signs Of A Broken Sewer Pipe?

There are a few most common signs that you have a broken sewer line. If there are backups or blockages in your house or yard, you may may have a broken sewer line. The smell of sewage gas is also an indicator of a sewer line in need of repair. And if you start to notice mold on your walls, floor, or ceiling this also is a sign that a sewer pipe has broken or started to leak.

Can You Patch A Sewer Line?

Patching a sewer line is possible if the pipe is still at a point where a repair will be the best option. If repairing a pipe is still possible some ways that plumbers can do this is through pipe relining and pipe hydraulic replacement. Luckily our plumbers at Lowry Services are trained professionals in sewer line repair. Call us today at 610-594-0350.


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